About New Years Eve Harbour Cruises

New Years Eve on Sydney harbour is the best place to avoid the crowds and enjoy the best of the fireworks and all the night has to offer.

Join us as we cruise around the harbour in the Parade of Lights or anchor in a prime position on the Harbour. 

Most of our vessels are in the Parade of Lights and have access to the exclusion zone on the harbour, which ensures us uninterrupted views of all the NYE action (including the 9pm and midnight fireworks).

All vessels have plenty of open deck space for viewing the fireworks and the evenings sights.

Here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions to try and give you the most information for the big night.

Sounds good!, Bookings are essential, so you may book Online, or ring us to enquire or book on 02 9583 1199


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